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The name is Kartik, 21, Hindu/somewhat Sikh), Indian, with such variegated interests that its probably unhealthy...

Disclaimer: plans for the future, unpredictable brown side(s), distaste for limitations, and no idea of what the title suggests though I'm often hungry.

Mumblings with interspersed religious upbringing, longings, inspiration, philosophies, curiosities, and digressive anecdotes are what you'll generally see.

You got the spiel. Come along if you'd like. @thekmot

(Description updated 6/2013. This record isn't really me at this point; I'll update fairly infrequently.)

Apparently, the aforementioned resembles more of a double Gaussian function.

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The sense of being between cultures has been very, very strong for me. I would say that’s the single strongest strand running through my life: the fact that I’m always in and out of things, and never really of anything for very long.
Edward W. Said, Power, Politics and Culture. (via warzonetourism)

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…has this been done before?

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The pot-bellied pig we saw yesterday would probably agree. Adventure entails growth, of people, ideas, personality.


Hippo don’t care, Hippo got things to do, Hippo got places to be

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Traditions are fascinating

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Pulp Fiction (1994)

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Whether it’s on an apology, a ride, or a phone call, the worst thing you can do to people is to keep them waiting on you.
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gettin real tired of my own bullshit

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What is… a person.


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Before and After Video Effects – Movies

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eternally amazed by the human body